About Us

Introducing Our Founders: Romeo and Abigail Dezoller

Welcome to Absolute Reliant Solutions LLC! We take immense pride in introducing the masterminds behind our company: Romeo and Abigail Dezoller. Their combined expertise and extensive experience in their respective fields have paved the way for the success and growth of our organization.

Romeo Dezoller is a distinguished Telecom Engineer with a remarkable track record of managing large-scale projects and leading numerous employees with utmost efficiency and skill. His proficiency in overseeing complex ventures has earned him a reputation as a seasoned professional in the industry. Beyond his telecom expertise, Romeo brings invaluable experiences in Home Health Administration, Billing and HR Management, showcasing his versatility and adaptability.

On the other hand, Abigail Dezoller is a highly accomplished professional, serving as the ARS Business and Chief Financial Consultant of our company. Armed with an MBA degree, she possesses a wealth of knowledge and acumen in the financial realm. Abigail spent eight years as a Hospital Internal Auditor, honing her skills in meticulous financial analysis and strategic planning. Additionally, she boasts eight years of experience in Financial Management and Management Analysis within the Home Health industry, where her expertise spans billing and AR Management, as well as HR and Payroll Management. Her proficiency as a Tax Professional adds another dimension to her skill set.

Together, Romeo and Abigail Dezoller form a formidable team, guiding our company with vision and expertise. Their passion for excellence and dedication to achieving the highest standards are reflected in every aspect of our business operations. As a result, we are able to offer our clients top-notch services and solutions, driven by knowledge and experience.